After coaching and counseling men and women one-on-one for over a decade, Patrice C. Washington has created and now delivers this groundbreaking personal finance seminar to congregations all over the country. The Mindset + Money Master Class is a popular choice among church leaders who desire a proven system their church members can use to create a successful personal finance mindset and skill set which teaches them to become excellent stewards over their God-given resources.


The Mindset + Money Master Class is a content packed, yet entertaining and practical session which can be delivered in a six hour seminar or broken into a 2, 3 or 4-part series. Participants will learn the secrets to creating wealthy habits, earning more money, managing money wisely and even how to navigate the difficult conversations that surround the topic of money for most people. Patrice offers practical solutions for turning financial stress into financial solutions. Her series will help your organization by promoting sound financial wisdom and teaching participants how to find the money to truly be the abundant givers they were called to be.


“You’ve taught them that they are called to prosper, but we can teach them how.”



Now Available as a Home Study Course for Self-Paced Learning!




· Benefits


  • How to recognize any unsupportive habits or beliefs which sabotage their financial success and
    change them immediately.
  • The 9 Secrets to creating wealthy habits and how to turn their money mindset around FAST!
  • How getting clear about their purpose contributes to financial success and true prosperity.
  • How to “Get it Together!” - A step-by-step system for getting financial documents in ORDER once
    and for all!
  • FAST ways to get clarity around how to identify, monetize & thrive using their God-given gifts and
  • The steps to discovering their “Sweet Spot” and how to profit from it!
  • How to build confidence and sell their gift without feeling salesy.
  • To create a plan to put at least $500 of extra CASH in their pocket FAST!
  • Sure-fire methods for SAVING and managing money that allow them to work less at it, but make 
    more progress than ever before!
  • To discover an easy method for determining their DEBT-FREE date and what they can do to cut it in HALF!
  • Budgeting tips they’ve NEVER heard and what their creditors don’t want them to know! (I’ll show
    them how to actually make your money last until the end of the month!)
  • Techniques for conquering the fear & anxiety they may experience when its time to tell a loved one, “NO!” 
  • The 6-Step checklist they MUST use before EVER lending money to friends or family.
  • The 3-part Q&A EVERY couple should have BEFORE & during their relationship!
    (This will save them a LOT of time, energy, heartache and money!)




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