Authentic. Hilarious. Motivational. Practical.
Inspiring. Awesome. Transparent.


These are just some of the adjectives used to describe Patrice C. Washington after a keynote presentation, panel participation, interview or workshop. Patrice believes wholeheartedly that whether she’s speaking on money, business or life, the women and youth she serves deserve a voice that is relatable and trustworthy. Her expertise in working with thousands of women and youth ensures she fully understands the barriers which keep them from achieving the success they seek in their lives and has the answers on how to progress.


Patrice’s timely presentations are packed full of content and yet these highly entertaining programs work well as a stand alone keynote or breakout session. Her depth and breadth of experience and her pleasant, fun and authentic delivery ensures your audience will leave not just inspired but committed to taking the steps necessary to WIN in their finances, business and life … TODAY!



· Money


Personal finance success has less to do with money and more to do with an individual’s mindset toward money! Your mind is programmed with principles, habits, behaviors and values that govern every aspect of your life - especially money. And, if left unchecked, the things that are programmed within our minds create more problems than we know. Based on principles of the highly sought after Mindset + Money Master Class, you’ll discover how to achieve personal finance success from the inside out, as well as, the 3 key factors that determine your financial blue print.


Quick Take-Aways


  • How to discard unsupportive financial behaviors and replace them with wealthy habits.
  • How to manage money and credit wisely, even on an inconsistent budget.
  • How relationships impact your financial success and how to be comfortable having uncomfortable conversations about money.



· Entrepreneurship


We were all born as the solution to someone else’s problem and those solutions are founded within our individual gifts, talents and skills. But how do you really identify your gift and offer it to the marketplace in a successful way? Patrice gives you her formula for creating your Sweet Spot, the intersection where dreams become reality. In her upbeat and motivational way, Patrice reminds you that YOU are the CEO of your life and its time to act like it!


Quick Take-Aways


  • How to start a business that’s so genuine and authentic, it’ll never feel like work!
  • FAST ways to get clarity around how to identify, monetize & thrive using your God-given gifts
    and talents!
  • No cost and low cost methods for presenting your idea to the marketplace effectively.



· Success


Your present situation does not define or decide your future destination. We all have a story we could tell about why we deserve to be the victim, but Patrice loves to transparently share her story and testimony on how she shifted to become victorious. Suitable for any audience, Patrice gives a feisty, funny and frank look at the success principles that have changed her life.


Quick Take-Aways


    • How to bounce back after any set-back and create your ideal life

    • 3 skills that took my life from mayhem to becoming America’s Money Maven

    • The mindset and skill set necessary to become a changemaker



Patrice is most requested for:


  • Women’s Conference Keynotes & Break-out Sessions
  • Prosperity & Financial Series
  • Motivational/Inspirational Speaker Series
  • Freshman Orientations
  • Black History Month
  • Student Government Programs
  • Career Panels
  • Entrepreneur Workshops & Panels
  • Economic Empowerment Sessions