Room & AV Setup


Let’s work together to create a successful event and comfortable environment for all!

Based on our experience, we’ve listed some helpful ideas below that we know will add to the quality of your meeting. Please keep in mind that although they are not all required, using these principles can enhance the positive and enthusiastic response you desire from your audience. We promise.

· Our Guidelines

Patrice is highly interactive and likes the audience as close to her as possible. Please steer away from making the distance between her and the audience more than 6 feet, if possible.

Please make sure the screen is large enough to be seen from the back of the room.

Patrice can only speak in non-smoking environments. Please confirm your facility is non-smoking unless you want a trip to the emergency room. :-)

At least one week out, please send us any programs, literature, promotional collateral so that Patrice can familiarize herself with your group as much as possible. The more she knows about you, the more she can customize the message to speak to your group.

Two bottles of room temperature water in the front of the room.

One 6 – 8ft skirted and covered with linen product table near main entrance.


· Our Suggestions

Everyone loves music! Have some upbeat and event appropriate music playing before the event/session, during the breaks and after.


Use additional light sources for presenter. Studies have proven that when the presenter is illuminated more than the audience, listeners can hear better and are less distracted.


Stay away from oversetting the room. If you are planning on 1000 people, set the room for 1000 (or even fewer), but not 1200. It is better to have every seat taken than large empty spots throughout the audience and an empty front row. It makes the speaker sad and photographer totally unhappy.

Whenever possible, use image magnification where appropriate. It helps to remove distraction.


· Audio/Visual Checklist

Wireless clip-on microphone (for 50 or more attendees).
No microphone requirement for groups less than 50.


For workshops or training, Patrice uses Power Point presentation and requires a power strip for her computer. Please make sure the strip can reach between the table and outlet without becoming a walking hazard.


Large screen visible from the back of the room.