Discounted Books and Resources:

You may wish to provide additional resources to your attendees to help them stay committed to their transformation long after the event is over. Copies of The Money Maven’s bestselling books are available at a significant volume discount when you purchase them for your participants.


The Money Maven is happy to offer a complimentary book signing following her presentation.

· Real Money Answers: For Every Woman


Let’s get real ladies! Whether voluntarily or involuntarily, managing money is a reality that we all (especially as women) will face at some point in life; we might as well do it right!


This book will be your go-to guide for years to come. Know why? Because whether you’re a busy wife, single mother, young professional, a tad more seasoned gal or somewhere in between, it tackles the fears, struggles and questions hundreds of women have asked Patrice over her last decade of helping women get out of debt, rebuild their credit and define their passions. And it’s all done in her down-to-earth, practical and sassy (when necessary) tone.


The book’s sections are smartly built around the format of Patrice’s highly acclaimed women’s coaching program, The Mindset + Money Master Class and represent her entire philosophy about personal finance success.


After all, it’s what got the Money Maven out of her own $18,000 of credit card debt! Readers are led through practical money lessons and exercises that will help them create wealthy habits, earn more money using their gifts, manage their money wisely and get comfortable having uncomfortable conversations around money.


You don’t have to live paycheck to paycheck doing something you hate when Patrice will help you find and define your purpose and establish your priorities so you can live the life you love and long for!


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· Real Money Answers: For Every Man


No quarterback would go into a championship game without studying his playbook, assessing his strengths and weaknesses and making sure he and his team are on the same page. Similarly, no man should jump into the money game unprepared, but far too many do.


In football, when a quarterback sees that a play isn’t going to work, he can call an audible and change the plan midway through. Real Money Answers for Men Too is that financial audible.


It’s a practical, no fluff guide designed to awaken a shift in how you make, manage and relate to money so that you can actually win the money game and leave a legacy you can be proud of.


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· Real Money Answers: College Life and Beyond


Who cares about retirement accounts when you’re just trying to find a responsible roommate? Real Money Answers: College Life & Beyond is a MUST read for teens, young adults and the parents who don’t want them back home after college! As the Straight Talk No Chaser of personal finance books, this question and answer guide, gives quick, straightforward, practical money advice simple enough for anyone to both understand and implement immediately.


Your students will learn how to: Set a solid foundation for personal finance success, create and embrace wealthy habits, establish credit the right way, budget income no matter how little or inconsistent, pay for college without student loans as a first choice and even understand how friends and family can affect their finances.


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· Affirm Yourself to Wealth


On this engaging and uplifting CD program, Patrice helps you discover your own power, wisdom, and inner strength through the mastery of the words you speak over your life, your relationships and your personal finances. You may not be aware of how influential your spoken words are. When you say anything, you are, in fact, extending your inner self-talk to create a similar world around you. In her warm, yet bold and powerful way, Patrice walks with you on a journey to elevate your thinking in order to elevate your income and your life. . . And the most amazing part is, you can make substantial change in 28 days or less!