Information on Booking Patrice


Do you want to not only educate your participants,

but entertain and empower them as well?


Are you hoping to help your audience get to the next level
in their finances or entrepreneurial endeavors?


Do you think your audience will benefit from someone that’s knowledgeable,
but also down to earth and relatable?


Have you tried to hire a personal finance speaker in the past,
but found them a little dry and boring?


Is your program geared toward women or young people?


If you answered YES to one or more of the questions then
Patrice C. Washington is the speaker you have been searching for!

· Event Planners


Thank you for considering the Wisdom & Wealth Money Maven for your next event. Our team completely understands what you’re up against and we want to make this process as easy as possible for you, while making you look like the phenomenal planner you are.


To help you out a bit, we’ve thought ahead and pretty much provided you with the items that other coordinators in the past have found to be extremely helpful and time-saving in their event planning efforts. We know that what you find here will help make your pre-event planning and marketing material production a complete success.


If you need other materials, please don’t hesitate to email Contact Us for an extremely timely response.

· 3 Ways to Save on Booking


Would Patrice be the money maven if she couldn’t find practical ways to help you save money on your next event?


#1 - Doesn’t a nominal flat fee for ground transportation on a phenomenal speaker sound way better than flying in a so-so speaker from another state? . . . We’ll wait.


Patrice provides discounts for any of the events that you hold in the immediate Metro Los Angeles area. Additionally, if you hear through the grapevine that Patrice is already coming to your town, that’s a great time to reach out for a discount, as well.


#2 - Does your event have multiple speaking slots to fill? Patrice is happy to offer a discount for multiple speaking engagements held during, right before or immediately after your main presentation.

Patrice can keynote your event, offer general session presentations and/or concurrent break-outs. Your audience will get tons of money inspiration and implementation tools, while you get one sweet deal on travel, accommodations and speaker’s fees. Once you add up the total cost of using several speakers, multiple travel and hotel bookings and other assorted expenses that pop up, doesn’t it make sense to have one amazing speaker who can speak on personal finance, entrepreneurship, success and women’s empowerment?


#3 - Did you know Patrice has products for sale? If you want to buy books or audios for ongoing learning on behalf of your group, not only will she give you a killer deal on the books, we can give you a little sumthin’ sumthin’ off the speaking fee. Anything is possible. Let’s talk about it!

· 5 Reasons to Book Patrice TODAY!


  1. You want someone who can educate, empower and entertain.
  2. You want someone who is not just passionate about the performance,
    but compassionate toward the people.
  3. You want someone who will speak to your audience, not talk at them.
  4. You want someone who will give practical tips that participants can incorporate immediately.
  5. You want someone who will continue to care and connect well after the fanfare.