Patrice Washington is a nationally recognized best-selling author, featured columnist, television commentator, transformational speaker, spokesperson, radio host and leading authority on personal finance, entrepreneurship and success for women and youth.


“America’s Money Maven”


Nationally known as “America’s Money Maven”, Patrice has had tremendous success with her “money mindset” approach to personal finance. She is the founder and CEO of Seek Wisdom Find Wealth, a personal finance training and development company created to move individuals from debt management to money mastery with a unique focus on helping them earn more through discovering their purpose. As a leading personal finance expert, Patrice is devoted to teaching others how to consistently eliminate financial stress and implement financial strategies that support the lifestyle they desire and deserve.


She is the author of Real Money Answers, a series of sensible, straightforward, question and answer style, personal finance books written to address the most common financial questions of targeted groups of individuals. Her latest release, Real Money Answers for Every Woman: How to Win the Money Game With or Without a Man is inspiring women internationally to recognize that whether voluntarily or involuntarily, managing money is a reality that all women will face; they might as well do it wisely. The previous installment, Real Money Answers: College Life & Beyond, the ultimate guide to creating a wealthy mindset, skill set and overall personal finance success in your 20s, is still a favorite among college coordinators and planners looking for a young, fresh and entertaining voice on financial principles that speaks to their students on a level they can relate to and understand.



Patrice teaches women and youth practical tips and tools that they can implement immediately in order to get the results they desire while enjoying their lifestyle. She believes and advocates strongly that success with money comes from creating discipline – not deprivation, a unique spin on what many financial gurus in today’s market would advise. In Patrice’s opinion, it’s also one of the reasons, younger people and many women cannot make the progress they truly desire. Who wants to constantly be told what they can’t have today in order to maybe get something decades from now? “You can’t compete in today’s market by preaching old rhetoric. We live in a society that proclaims proudly, ‘YOLO! Meaning you only live once!’ I show people how to enjoy their life while making wise and financially supportive decisions.”


Patrice’s timely and well-received wisdom on money matters has been featured by national brands such as NBC, Black Enterprise, The Huffington Post, Upscale Magazine, SHEEN Magazine, GEICO, Experian and more. Each year she electrifies tens of thousands as a sought after speaker from colleges to churches and conferences nationally.



Patrice believes that our roots determine our fruits; meaning the results we receive on the outside are simply a manifestation of what we allow on the inside. That’s why she takes a comprehensive approach at helping others improve their relationship with money.  Her aim is to not just inform, but encourage her students to seek the wisdom necessary to accomplish their goals after she leaves the stage because as she puts it, “this is where the real work begins!” Attendees are not just entertained, but empowered to change their lives with realistic tools and strategies.


In addition to her signature series based on her acclaimed program, The Mindset & Money Masterclass, Patrice welcomes the opportunity to custom fit a program or talk to suit your organization’s unique needs and objectives.  Formats range from a 30-minute keynote address to half-day and full day workshops that include interaction amongst attendees in the form of group discussion and dialogue, personal reflection and dyads or paired practice.  Whatever the method, your group will leave feeling invigorated, informed and inspired to take their finances and lives to the next level no matter where they are in life!